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How to choose Syrian Hamster Cages?


To know how to choose Syrian Hamster Cages? You should You need to know something about the Syrian Hamster.

Syrian hamsters are some of the most common hamster breeds available. They are treated as adorable pets who’re cute, easy to keep and friendly. Another common name for them is Golden Hamsters, due back to the coat. So, if you need to get a Syrian hamster, well-done. (Read more : The Syrian Hamster – A Detailed Overview)

Vehicles are friendly and safe to keep, they surely are a bit different than other hamsters. The main thing to know is certain Syrian hamster must remain in a separate cage after he reached 4-5 weeks of age. Are generally extremely aggressive to folks of the same species, therefore they can injure or even kill another hamster if you bear them in the same home. The same thing applies if you try to help you keep a Syrian hamster inside the same cage with other hamster species.

When it comes into the size, it cannot be generalized, but usually, produces grow between 4 and 7 inches. Females are bigger than males. The standard lifespan is between 2 and 2.5 years, however, there are cases when a Syrian hamster can surpass 4 years. The longest living hamster held a record of 4.5 years.

Hamster Cage & Habitat Facts

Some of the main differences between this additional hamsters are in the coat, which is thicker, then we have this brief tail, small eyes, and cheeks which are simply said, adorable.

Colors of these hamsters include cinnamon, red and rust, but there are some who are darker in color. There are also several patterns possible. Usually, they are black with dots, solid, in one color only or white fur mixed with facts.

The last, but not least important facts to know is that these hamsters don’t like insects all other species. They tough better when it to be able to escaping than dwarf hamsters as well. Also, they may require more frequent maintenance than other species.

How to choose Syrian Hamster Cages?

Selecting a cage for a Syrian hamster is a little more complicated than doing exact same for other species. Initially all, they require a greater cage than dwarf as well as other hamster species. The size cannot be generalized, but keep in mind that a larger cage is always a better idea. Create save money on a smallish cage because it will not appealing to your bird.

The grid of a cage must be inches or less, due to obvious fact. As we have already mentioned, they are an escape artist, so they will always look for the way to escape the caged environment. The grid size is mandatory to consider simply because they cannot move between the wires. If you get a larger distance, a person get stuck or they escape. It is terribly troublesome to catch them.

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A cage must ‘t be very tall. These hamsters are known for climbing as high as possibly. Once they reach the top, they usually get tired and fell at the bottom. Lacking cause some injuries possesses a negative effect on a behavior of hamsters. Generally go looking for a flat, but a large cage. These are the safest and the most appealing option.

Tubes and toys inside must be carefully chosen as well. These are active, nocturnal hamsters, and they may stuck if select smaller tubes. In this case, the bigger is to better, so pay attention to that.
A good thing is a fact there are plenty of cages which are particularly developed for Syrian hamsters. They are escape proof, that you can see if you examine the cage closely. Then, they come with a superb ventilation system, which is as well, due to their size. The last, they are for you to clean. Syrian hamsters produce waste across any other hamster species, therefore to be able to clean cage is usually recommended.

Adding ceramic, wooden and plastic hideouts will have an exquisite effect on pet. Always make him feel as comfortable as probable.

Also you can find out one cage in top Best Syrian Hamster Cages list.

Hamster Cage Setup Guide

Choosing the right cage summary

It is mandatory to remember that Syrian hamsters are much wider than any other species, so they require larger cages. They must remain alone at all times and they require escape-proof cages. Only if you match all of this with your new cage, you will have a pleasant and safe Syrian hamster.

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