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Dogs With allergies to food: Novelty Protein pet food


The Story

i’ve got a boxer, bull mastiff mix named Leo, who has difficulties with scratching and itching all the time. It got to the point to where I felt so bad because I can tell he was uncomfortable for him not only because he’s my best friend but. At last I had enough and gathered up my veterinarian’s telephone number and took a visit to the vet. Leo was rashes that are having his belly and kept licking his paws to were they were getting infected.

The first thing the vet asked me was, “what kind of food do you feed him?” I replied with “a food that is healthy no corn or bi-products.” He explained “this really is good exactly what certainly is the formula?” He was told by me it was chicken. He said I might want to try feeding a protein that is novelty something different to chicken beef or lamb, and those are common ingredients contained in pet food. I was told by the vet that most people come in and think that their dogs are scratching from fleas but it turns out it’s usually the food that they’re feeding. He said that if I try feeding a healthy dog food with a novelty protein my dog is most likely going to have a better reaction because he’s never been exposed to that meat source that is specific. The vet claimed that simillar to humans, dogs develop into allergic to virtually any ingredient whenever we want. He had mentioned some options of foods for myself to see which dog food would be right for my dog that I could feed but I insisted on going home and doing my own in-depth research. I came across a lot of very foods that are healthy were grain free but I still did not know which direction to adopt. At last I narrowed it up to a large number limited ingredient diets which contained a novelty protein to be the ingredient that is first that might work for my dog. The types of dog food that I found were very simple, easy on the stomach and the skin.

Things to carefully consider just before a puppy

The Progress

Week by week Leo became a whole dog that is new. His skin issues have improved greatly in addition to the dermatitis areas involving the paws disappeared. His rashes on the belly had also gone away.

The Solution

Turns out that Leo was simply using a problem with the chicken. No longer that chicken is often a bad ingredient but chicken is often a cheaper protein along with much of the foods he ate, chicken was the ingredient that is main. The skin cleared up.

The after switching to a novelty protein Conclusion

If the dog has skin issues, look at the components from the package of commercial dog food you feed and determine exactly what meat sources are. When you see chicken, lamb or beef, chances are that could be the issue. Also make sure there is no corn, soy or wheat. Grain free has got to be choice that is good a single novelty protein.(*)

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