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This is a list of dog breeds, including extant breeds and extinct breeds and varieties. Online to bring a dog into your family, obtain it’s time to select a breed. This can be a difficult process with associated with money factors to consider. Support make your search easier, we have put together a listing of probably the most popular dog breeds nationwide.

You’ll have the to find pictures, be aware of breed history, temperament, common breed diseases and conditions and cash other interesting facts to support guide you through the process of choosing the importance dog!

Another great option would be to try our Breed Selector, which matches you in conjunction with your most compatible breeds in keeping with your lifestyle!

Dog Breeds List – Dog Breed Information Ultimate Resource

Dog Breeds  
AffenpinscherAmerican Staffordshire TerrierBasset Hound
Afghan HoundAmerican Water SpanielBeagle
Airedale TerrierAnatolian Shepherd DogBearded Collie
Akbash DogAussiedoodleBeauceron
AkitaAustralian Cattle DogBedlington Terrier
Alapaha Blue Blood BulldogAustralian KelpieBelgian Laekenois
Alaskan HuskyAustralian ShepherdBelgian Malinois
Alaskan MalamuteAustralian TerrierBelgian Sheepdog
American BulldogAzawakhBelgian Tervuren
American EskimoBasadorBergamasco
American FoxhoundBasenjiBerger Picard
American Pit Bull TerrierBasset Bleu de GascogneBernese Mountain Dog
Bichon FriseBouvier des FlandresCane Corso
Black and Tan CoonhoundBoxerCardigan Welsh Corgi
Black Russian TerrierBoykin SpanielCatahoula Leopard Dog
BloodhoundBracco ItalianoCaucasian Ovcharka
Blue Picardy SpanielBriardCavalier King Charles Spaniel
Bluetick CoonhoundBrittanyCavapom
BoerboelBrussels GriffonCavapoo
BologneseBull TerrierCesky Terrier
Border CollieBulldogChart Polski
Border TerrierBullmastiffChesapeake Bay Retriever
BorzoiCairn TerrierChihuahua
Boston TerrierCanaan DogChinese Crested
Chinese Shar-PeiDalmatianEurasier
ChinookDandie Dinmont TerrierField Spaniel
Chow ChowDoberman PinscherFila Brasileiro
ChugDogo ArgentinoFinnish Lapphund
Cirneco dell'EtnaDogue de BordeauxFinnish Spitz
Clumber SpanielDoxiepooFlat-Coated Retriever
CockapooEnglish Cocker SpanielFox Terrier
Cocker SpanielEnglish FoxhoundFrench Bulldog
CollieEnglish SetterGerman Pinscher
Coton de TulearEnglish Springer SpanielGerman Shepherd Dog
Curly-Coated RetrieverEnglish Toy SpanielGerman Shorthaired Pointer
DachshundEntlebucher Mountain DogGerman Spitz
German Wirehaired PointerIbizan HoundKomondor
Giant SchnauzerIcelandic SheepdogKooikerhondje
Glen of Imaal TerrierIrish Red and White SetterKromfohrlander
Golden RetrieverIrish SetterKuvasz
GoldendoodleIrish TerrierLabradoodle
Gordon SetterIrish Water SpanielLabrador Retriever
Great DaneIrish WolfhoundLacy Dog
Great PyreneesItalian GreyhoundLagotto Romagnolo
Greater Swiss Mountain DogJack Russell TerrierLakeland Terrier
GreyhoundJapanese ChinLarge Munsterlander
HavaneseKerry Blue TerrierLhasa Apso
LongdogNeapolitan MastiffPekingese
LowchenNewfoundlandPembroke Welsh Corgi
LurcherNorfolk TerrierPerro de Presa Canario
MalteseNorwegian BuhundPeruvian Inca Orchid
MaltipooNorwegian ElkhoundPetit Basset Griffon Vendeen
Manchester TerrierNorwegian LundehundPharaoh Hound
MastiffNorwich TerrierPlott
Miniature American ShepherdNova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverPointer
Miniature Bull TerrierOld English SheepdogPolish Lowland Sheepdog
Miniature PinscherOtterhoundPomapoo
Miniature SchnauzerPapillonPomeranian
PomskyRhodesian RidgebackShetland Sheepdog
PoodleRottweilerShiba Inu
Portuguese PodengoRussian ToyShih Tzu
Portuguese Water DogSaint BernardShihpoo
PugSiberian Husky
PugapooSalukiSilken Windhound
PuggleSamoyedSilky Terrier
PuliSchapendoesSkye Terrier
Pyrenean ShepherdSchnoodleSmall Munsterlander Pointer
Rat TerrierScottish DeerhoundSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Redbone CoonhoundScottish TerrierSpanish Greyhound
Spanish Water DogTosa KenWirehaired Vizsla
Spinone ItalianoToy Fox TerrierXoloitzcuintli
SprollieToy PoodleYorkipoo
Staffordshire Bull TerrierTreeing Walker CoonhoundYorkshire Terrier
Standard SchnauzerVizsla
Sussex SpanielVolpino Italiano
Swedish LapphundWeimaraner
Swedish VallhundWelsh Springer Spaniel
Thai RidgebackWelsh Terrier
Tibetan MastiffWest Highland White Terrier
Tibetan SpanielWhippet
Tibetan TerrierWirehaired Pointing Griffon