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Dancing In The House With My Dog During Lockdown (100% Funny) | Quarantine Life | Supermax Labrador


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It is national lockdown here in India for 21 days and its time of crisis, but only for us humans, dogs are probably the most chilled animals right now as they can roam freely while humans are locked inside the house, what a funny turn of events, right! lol, well anyway not that max was ever locked inside but since his humans are so he makes sure to spend some time with them and makes sure that they don’t rust away during the outbreak.
So here he is running, dancing and goofing around with his human brother that is me and having a time of his life.

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Max born on 1st January suddenly became an important part of the family, so this video is just to show a glimpse of his life.

He is now the most pampered family member.

He has a very simple motto – ” lick the people you love, wag your tail every time you see them, stay as close to the family as possible, eat as much as given to you and even beg for more, take their stuff so that they chase you, never bark on strangers and basically just live the moment”.

Funny Dog Fails 2019 / Joke Post

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