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New exciting adventures of Pinky and Bloo, cat and dog, await you in this video! Who eats in front of the computer? Everyone! How many of you have not been in this funny situation? In this hilarious cartoon, Pinky and Bloo show us what to do if food gets stuck in the keyboard! And how will Bloo deal with this fail? Did Pinky find a new way to get out of the situation to save their relationship? Look at what she came up with! Subscribe to our animation channel: you’ll see much more fails, animated stories, and short films!

If you like Pencilmation, SpongeBob SquarePants, Danny Casale,
And in general, if you just love madness and have a good laugh, then subscribe to our channel!
Pinky and Bloo are a cute couple of triangles that live in a geometric world ❤️

source: Youtube

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