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Can Hamsters Eat Walnuts?


Can Hamsters Eat Walnuts?

Playful, cuddly and lively pets, hamsters are animals that are easily and quickly tamed. They are intelligent and curios and simple to maintain. Hamsters are the most popular pets in the world, along with cats and dogs.

They are suitable for people who work a lot and for older children. You don’t need special conditions to take care of a hamster. A cage big enough and toys to play would keep it satisfied. Good nurture and physical activity would make your little friend fit and healthy.

Hamster would sleep most of the day and get active in the evening. It is a perfect time to let it out of the cage and play with it. Always keep an eye on your curious friend, since it is likely to run and hide behind the furniture. Treat it gently and with care and hamster will quickly get used to you and your household. Make sure you feed it correctly and provide it enough physical activity.

Can Hamsters Eat Walnuts?

Little gourmet

Hamsters love to eat all kinds of seeds and they are the base of good and healthy hamsters’ diet. There are high-quality mixtures you can purchase in any pet store and it should take up most of its menu. They are small and a tablespoon per day will be sufficient. However, you should add to your pet’s menu variety of other good viands.

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Nuts are recommended to be added to hamster’s regular diet. Two or three walnuts or hazelnuts a day are a great source of valuable nutrients for your hamster. They can also be an excellent and delicious treat for your little friend. Fresh fruit and vegetable is also advised to be given once in a while. Raw food is good for their digestion; just take care of the amounts. Feed your pet small portions of allowed fruit and vegetable several times a week. Larger quantities are risky, because of sugar and other harmful compounds.

Since hamsters are omnivores, it is also recommended to include small portions of boiled eggs or chicken meat once in a while. Dairy products can also be given in moderation.

Can Hamsters Eat Walnuts?

  • Yes, Hamsters can eat walnuts.

Crunchy walnuts for your hamster

Nuts can be an awesome treat for your little friend. Hamsters love all sorts of nuts and they can safely eat most of them. Walnuts are always warmly recommended as a treat or addition to diet. Just take care about quantities. Limit the amount of walnuts or other nuts to ten percent of the complete diet plan. One or two unshelled walnuts will be sufficient.

So, walnuts are completely safe if you don’t go overboard. Larger amounts of walnuts can lead to obesity and diabetes, since nuts are high in fats. On the other hand, they contain a lot of valuable and useful nutrients. Walnuts are on the top of the list, along with hazelnuts.

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Other nuts you can safely give to your pet are pecans, pistachios and cashews. Be extremely careful with almonds, since they contain cyanide and can even cause death if given too much.

Never feed your pet any type of nut butter or other processed nut products. They are very high in fats and other harmful ingredients.

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