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Can Hamsters Eat Pineapple?


Can Hamsters Eat Pineapple?

One of the most adorable little animals around the world, hamster has become very popular as a pet in recent years. This small rodent is very energetic, curious, sweet and easy to take care off.

Hamster is the best option for people who want to have a pet, but do not have enough space for bigger animal, such as cat or dog. It is also a good option for older children and can help them learn about taking care of others, natural life processes and responsibility. If you love animals, this intelligent cute mouse will certainly make you happy.

Hamsters are not demanding pets. You don’t need special conditions to satisfy them. The most important thing is to provide your pet a good accommodation and toys to play and to keep it healthy with good nutrition.

Hamsters are playful and they need activity, since they are very prone to obesity. Place a running wheel into your pet’s cage, so it can play while you’re sleeping. Since hamster is nocturnal being, you should let it outside in the evening and spend some time with it. Your new friend will quickly get used to you and the environment.

Healthy diet for your hamster

Hamsters love to constantly have something in their teeth. Since their teeth are growing indefinitely, you should provide your pet pieces of wood so it can keep them in good shape. When it comes to food, hamsters need balanced diet based on seeds mix. You can purchase quality ready-made hamster mix in any pet shop. Add some nuts to the menu and several servings of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dwarf Hamster Food List

It is also recommended to enrich its nutrition with some animal origin proteins and diary products. You can feed it small portions of boiled eggs, cooked chicken and skimmed milk or yogurt once in a while.

Fresh fruit and vegetable is recommended to be given several times a week. A portion of raw fruit or vegetable every third day would be sufficient. Fresh food improves hamster’s digestion and prevents constipation and obesity.

However, too much of it can lead to diarrhea, because of water content, sugars and acids.

Can Hamsters Eat Pineapple

Avoid pineapple in hamsters’ diet

Pineapple is very juicy and sweet tropical fruit. It is very aromatic and flavorful both for us and for our little friends. Your pet would certainly love it, but the best advice is to cut it off the menu. Hamsters are very sensitive to acidic and sugar content of all fruits. Most tropical and citrus food contain too much acid and sugar, which can be harmful to their delicate bellies. Too much sugar leads to diabetes and obesity. Acids would irritate hamster’s tiny stomach, make it sick and get it diarrhea.

Pineapples contain a lot of acids and sugar, so they should be avoided. However, some species could have very small amounts of pineapple once in a while. You could give Syrian and Robrovski hamster small serving of pineapple as an occasional treat. It should be completely avoided for smaller species, such as Winter white dwarf, Russian Campbell dwarf and Chinese.

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In the wild, hamsters eat diverse seeds, plant roots and even insects. Supplying the pet hamster finest meals mix is the most critical point to retain it content and healthful.  So let’s locate out all facts about Hamster Diet plan.

Can Hamsters Eat Pineapple

Summary of What Do Hamsters Eat

While hamsters will eat almost anything, they should eat and drink a diet of pellets that is marginally supplemented with cereals, grains, fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Hamsters are omnivores (they eat both plants and meat) that forage (they travel for their food).

You should feed hamsters pellet food over muesli food so that they have a far more nutritionally balanced diet.

Hamsters also practice food caching (also known as hoarding), it is therefore important produce your hamster with lots of hiding places to store food. Cash by putting food in their cheek pouches (which are pockets just behind their front teeth that can stretch behind their shoulders) and then storing the food when they find a suitable spot.

Baby hamsters are called pups, consequently they drink their mother’s milk until considerable about 3-4 weeks older. Then they can start to be weaned onto solid food such as bread or cooked vegetables. Eventually, they will eat pellet food like adult hamsters might.

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Additional foods (that aren’t pellets) like cereals, grains, fruits, vegetables, and meats should produce no an estimated 10% of the hamster’s diet and must be rotated.

An average portion size for these other foods is just about the small cube about taken into account two raisins, and the normal portion of dried pellet food associated with tablespoon per hamster.

You would be wash vegatables and fruits to remove pesticides and cut them up stay away from choking.

Also, some foods can be harmful for hamsters such as citrus fruits, onions, eggplants, or sweet. Many (but not all) seeds, skins, and pits are also bad for them, faster in doubt, remove some of these.

Since hamsters are crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk), they’ll often eat during these times. However, you can pick to feed your hamster at any time if you’re consistent their own schedule.

Never leave uneaten food for over 24 hours because rrt’s going to rot, and provide freshwater daily towards your hamster.

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